Greensboro, NC (October 29, 2021) – Building Information Modeling along with the Prefabrication process, has become an essential part of the company as a primary way Cooper has stayed ahead in the industry. Cooper works with other trades throughout the process to know exactly where everything will go and troubleshoots any overlap with the other trades electronically before anyone begins installation.

The prefabrication and Building Information Modeling teams work closely together throughout the process. Each warehouse has on-site access to live BIM designs and is staffed with a member of the BIM team to ensure everything is well communicated and constructed exactly to plan, saving our customers time, money, and material waste. 

David Faircloth, the BIM Manager at Cooper is always looking for ways to innovate and obtain BIM modeling solutions that keep pace with their workload. This is where Trimble® SysQue® detailing software comes into play for Cooper and their BIM team. Faircloth cites the fact that SysQue comes with the world’s largest library of Revit content as a game-changer for Cooper’s off-site fabrication program.

To learn more about Trimble® SysQue® and how Cooper has leveraged the design software firsthand, check out this write-up by Trimble.

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