Greensboro, NC (October 26, 2022) – In an effort to bring more awareness to the many career paths in the construction industry, Cooper Electrical Construction is educating others by spotlighting positions from office positions to the positions that are held in the field.

Positions and departments represented include Helpers, Top Helpers, Electricians, Foremen, Superintendents, Site Administrators, Project Management, Assistant Project Managers, Safety, VDC, Accounting, Marketing, Instrumentation & Controls, Estimating, and Human Resources.

Sponsored by Build Your Future, Careers in Construction Month is a nationwide campaign held each year in October. Not only is increasing public awareness of construction careers a goal, but also inspiring the next generation of both craft and corporate professionals. With research showing that 53% of the construction industry will be retiring by 2036, along with the ongoing struggle to find young talent for craft roles, the importance of introducing construction to our future generations NOW is critical. (

Through the various career paths spotlighted during Careers in Construction Month, Cooper hopes to encourage others to either begin their career in the construction industry or transition their current career path to the construction industry. In addition, sparking interest in high schoolers and college students is another mission of the campaign. Participating in Career Fairs at colleges and universities, as well as continuing their internship program, are other routes Cooper is taking to make sure our future generations are inspired by what Cooper and the construction industry are doing.

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