Our VDC process, including our BIM software capabilities, has become an essential part of our company as a primary way we’ve stayed ahead in the industry. We work with other trades throughout the process to know exactly where everything will go and troubleshoot any overlap with the other trades electronically before anyone begins installation.

Our competitive VDC team is able to display a higher level of detail than the average electrical contractor for higher accuracy and efficiency. The information laid out at the beginning is done so accurately that changes are rarely needed once prefabrication and installation begin. Even so, our VDC team stays involved throughout the whole process to ensure everything runs smoothly and that all the plans are available and communicated properly.


  • Attain a higher level of accuracy
  • Avoid field clashes 
  • Know the final outcome
  • Collaborate with other trades
  • Eliminate both material and time wasted
  • Get the job done safely and efficiently

Cooper Electrical Construction works with you to take your project from inception to conclusion, utilizing powerful BIM software as well as in-house prefabrication capabilities to ensure that your project runs smoothly.