Our ability to prefabricate in dedicated warehouses has enabled us to take our safety standard to an even higher level. We have two locations that allow us to prefabricate conduits, light fixtures, in-wall rough-in, and electrical equipment, all in-house. These warehouses allow us to closely monitor and control the working environment, resulting in a safer manufacturing space, as well as safer installation in the field.   

The prefabrication and Building Information Modeling teams work closely together throughout the process. Each warehouse has on-site access to live BIM designs and is staffed with a member of the BIM team to ensure everything is well communicated and constructed exactly to plan, saving our customers time, money, and material waste. 

At the end of the process, we ship complete assemblies directly to the job site where they are installed much faster and more efficiently than constructing in place would occur.  This cuts down on onsite inventory and manpower, again ensuring a safer job site.

Cooper Electrical Construction works with you to take your project from inception to conclusion, utilizing powerful BIM software as well as in-house prefabrication capabilities to ensure that your project runs smoothly.