Greensboro, NC (September 2, 2021) – Cooper Electrical Construction Company recently sent 40 of their employees on an English language retreat at Concordia’s Language Village in Bemidji, MN. 

The purpose of this trip was to immerse some of their non-native English-speaking employees in an English language retreat to allow them to become more comfortable communicating in a business setting. 

The employees spent their time not only learning about the English language, but were also able to participate in crafts, learn new dances, and enjoy some delicious meals.

From the Concordia website, “At Concordia Language Villages we teach language in the context of culture. Learners experience cultural nuances through their interactions with instructors and staff (including native speakers) in a way that helps them to adapt to cultural attitudes and behaviors. Our immersion programs combine accelerated language training with cultural competency.”

Beatriz Gonsalez, Site Admin Supervisor at Cooper, summed up her time in Concordia like this, “I call my experience “Magical”, I felt like I was at home. I was able to disconnect from everything, a very peaceful atmosphere, the staff was incredibly friendly, and I was able to face my fears. I had the opportunity to meet with other employees who are working in other job-sites and got to know them a bit more. I also realized how much Cooper cares about their employees.”

Overall, this experience that Cooper provided for their employees became a core memory for their 2021 work year with Cooper. They now communicate with the English language more confidently in a business setting. Cooper will continue to offer opportunities for employees to further develop their English language skills in the future.

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