Greensboro, NC (June 28, 2021) – Cooper Electrical Construction Company is continuously making efforts to prioritize a safe working environment for its employees, demonstrating their high regard for safety. 

As part of National Safety Month, Cooper has leveraged resources from the National Safety Council to share with its employees regarding the importance of workplace safety. Safety topics include physical safety and psychological safety and are expanded to include inclusion and diversity as well.

Cooper encouraged employees to sign the online safety pledge provided by the National Safety Council that aims to remind employees how crucial it is to take safety precautions seriously.

The company also recognized employees that were peer-nominated for demonstrating safe working practices. Through a certificate and social media recognition, Cooper shared its appreciation for those employee’s safe working habits and dedication to safety in general.

As a token of appreciation for all of Cooper’s employees’ hard work and dedication to safety during the ongoing pandemic, the company distributed clip-on hand sanitizers that craft workers would be able to use while on the job. Cooper also has a long-standing program in which each employee receives a voucher for a new pair of safety boots once a year from Red Wing. The Red Wing boot truck travels to various job sites once a year, allowing employees to purchase a new pair of boots on site.

Cooper prioritizes safety always, whether it’s hand sanitizer, safety boots, other PPE supplies, or just day-to-day on-the-job safety reminders! Cooper’s safety supervisors and leadership team are continuously making sure that those out on the job sites have all the appropriate resources they need to remain as safe as possible. Stretching before work, daily meetings, and enforcing the use of safety equipment are just a few of the steps taken to keep all employees safe while on the job!

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