Cooper Instrumentation and Calibration Services – CICS

CICS is accredited through A2LA – the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation – to comply with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, achieving the industry’s highest standards for reliability of calibration standards, procedures and technicians.

Calibration, maintenance, start-ups, shutdowns, new construction: CICS accredited calibration services are essential resources for a variety of industries that rely on precision calibration.

Using accredited software (Procal V5), CICS will track and calibrate your instruments and maintain documentation in collaboration with your in-house personnel.

The CICS Instrumentation and Calibration team offers the following:

  • A2LA Accredited Calibrations performed to ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • UL panel building
  • Thermography imaging / electrical
  • On / Off site calibrations, troubleshooting and maintenance

CICS is committed to quality work that keeps production on-schedule and running efficiently.


Categories of Instruments Calibrated by CICS

Test Equipment and Standards Manufacturers Include: Beta, Biddle, Druck, Emerson Hart & Fieldbus 375, Fisher Scientific, Fluke, Hanna, IET Labs, Meriam, Omega, Rotronics, Seraphin, Setra, and Vaisala

Note: All calibration standards used are N.I.S.T. traceable


  • RTDs – All, 100 TO 1000 Ohm PT
  • Thermocouples – All Types , J, K, R,S,T,B,E
  • Thermometers – Dial and Stem style
  • Temperature Indicators – Panel mounted and Stand alone
  • Dry Block Calibrators / Baths – Used to test all types of temperature elements


  • Pressure Sources – PSIG, PSIA, Bars, plus more
  • Pressure Indicators – Digital and Dial type / 0 to 5000 PSI
  • Ultra Low Pressure 0 to 5 inches – Accuracy to .001 in. WC
  • Pressure Transmitters (I/P; P/I) – Gauge and Level / Flow Differential
  • Vacuum Gauges and Transmitters
  • Magnehelic Gauges ( Inches of Water .01 in. and up ) – Pressure or Vacuum

Process, Analytical, Flow and Level

  • PH Meters – 0 to 14 ph
  • Flow Meters – Magnetic, Mass and Differential Press
  • Level – Differential Pressure, Ultrasonic, Laser, Radar and Guided Wave
  • Turbidity – Water and Analytical
  • Gas Analyzers – Co2, O2, LEL, plus more
  • Conductivity Meters – 1 to 1000 micromhos
  • Humidity and Dew point – 0-100%
  • Valves – Various types of control valves for water, steam, chemicals


  • Volt and Ammeters
  • Power Supplies
  • Decade Boxes – Resistance
  • Frequency Generators and Counters – HZ and PPM
  • Signal Converters – I/P, P/I, E/I, I/E, E/E


  • Chart Recorders – Multipoint , circular or strip chart
  • Process Controllers with P.I.D.
  • DCS / PLC – Check-out and loop calibrations
  • Loop Calibrations – 4-20 ma and DC and AC volts, Freq.