Greensboro, NC (July 12, 2021) – As employees face day-to-day challenges, or are in need of encouragement or simply a listening ear, Cooper Electrical Construction Company provides access to a Certified Chaplain through Corporate Chaplains of America.

There are currently two certified chaplains available to Cooper employees, Josh Marriaga and Jeremy White. Jeremy White (pictured, left)  serves the Durham/Raleigh area, and Josh Marriage (pictured, right) serves the Greensboro area.

Whether they are making job site visits or chatting with employees via phone or email, these two Chaplains are there to lend a listening ear and words of encouragement. The care provided by Corporate Chaplains of America is permission-based, confidential, and completely voluntary. 

Jeremy and Josh offer confidential care in the following areas: premarital counseling, marriage/family support, divorce support, financial matters, courtroom visits, death, serious illness, depression, addiction, mental health, suicide prevention, and much more.

The program is designed to improve employees’ quality of life, giving them access to their Chaplain 24/7/365. Cooper is dedicated to being a company that truly cares and provides extra resources to ensure employees know how much they are appreciated, on and off the job.

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