Greensboro, NC (June 2, 2021) – As our communities continue to face adversity through the pandemic and day to day responsibilities, Cooper Electrical Construction Company is proud and honored to support The Salvation Army in Greensboro, NC.

Some of Cooper’s employees from the Greensboro and Raleigh offices gathered at the Salvation Army store in Greensboro to show their support and give back to the community. They spent the first half of their day with the Salvation Army sorting, tagging, hanging, and folding items. These items included books, shoes, clothes, linens, and much more! 

All of the hard work completed in those several hours allowed the store to take hundreds of books, shoes, linens, clothing items, etc. out on the floor for customers to purchase. This also made more room in the warehouse for more donations to be dropped off in the future. “Look, there’s actually walking space. That is amazing.” commented Katie Brown, Store Manager at Gate City Salvation Army. The Cooper team enjoyed the time spent volunteering and giving back as well as the quality time spent with one another. “It was a good day to do a good thing.” commented Jennifer Carter, Chief Financial Officer at Cooper.

The Salvation Army’s Christ-centered mission aligns well with Cooper’s mission, glorifying God through everything they do as a company. A wonderful relationship has been built with the Salvation Army, which Cooper will continue to strengthen and support. Doing the MOST good is always a mission of Cooper’s.

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